How did "Werkstatt 26" come about

Katrin Süss, Gabi Keil und Nadja Göschel
Katrin Süss, Gabi Keil und Nadja Göschel

Chronicle of the Werkstatt 26

The Werkstatt 26 sees itself as a space for artistic work, presentations and encounters and is located in the city center of Königstein / Saxon Switzerland. This is how we began to describe our project in March 2018.


We are three visual artists from Dresden: Gabi Keil, Nadja Göschel, Katrin Süss. Then there was Wolfgang Göschel, house owner, architect and political artist, living in Berlin.


The idea was to use the wonderful space of the empty shop as a gallery and workshop and to liven up the town of Königstein.


During the year we realized a total of 7 exhibitions.


project 2018



March 24, 2018

in cooperation with Königstein Fortress "Caspar David Friedrich - TODAY"

"The Hiker Above the Sea of Fog"


Gabi Keil, Katrin Süss, Nadja Göschel, Wolfgang Göschel


May 18, 2018

"See differently" Katrin Süss & Jürgen Schieferdecker

(Book reading and conversation with Frank Richter)

June 24, 2018 "Old Fortress Road" Wolfgang Göschel Results of the workshop and loans from the fortress




August 12, 2018 "Idyll" Beate Domansky, Jens Küster, Claudia Scheffler



August 18, 2018

ELBE - flood 2002/06/13 concept by Wolfgang Göschel Photos by Karsten Hetsch, in cooperation with the voluntary fire brigade Königstein


29th September 2019

"Resumé" Anne Kern, Gabi Keil, Wolfgang Göschel, Katrin Süss, Nadja Göschel and participants in painting and graphics courses Performance: Christopher Haley Simpson


With thanks for the support to the cultural office and capital of culture office Dresden and the mayor of Königstein

Artists from Dresden

Gabi Keil

Katrin Süss

Nadja Göschel

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zusammen für Königstein (Sachsen)


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