Gallery - left of the entrance
Gallery - left of the entrance

Nachbar Sprache / Neighbour language

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 Travelling exhibition '' Neighbour ?language! - Stories from the Border Region''


The exhibition shows people - from student to senior citizens - from the Saxon-Polish-Czech border region and tells their very personal stories of opening up to the neighbouring languages of Polish and Czech and to the culture of their neighbours. Find out, for example, how master baker Armin Hübner managed to open up to his Polish neighbours through curiosity, a sense of tradition and an open heart, or how young Anna Käsche first spent a year as a volunteer in Ústi nad Labem and has since found a second home in the Czech Republic.


With the exhibition, we want to show how diverse the very personal motives of individual people are to learn Polish or Czech, and what diverse opportunities and added value can result for them in the border region. The exhibition is intended to provide impulses and encouragement to set out on the same path and to tap into the potential of our neighbourhood with Poland and the Czech Republic.


Neighbour?language! - Stories from the Border Region is a joint project of

Advent Art Market

Flyer Adventlicher Kunstmarkt November 2020

DDR- Fundstücke / GDR Findings

Flyer DDR- Fundstücke Oktober 2020

Video Ausstellung DDR-Fundstücke / Video Exhibition GDR Findings

This exhibition by Wolfgang Göschel was developed in cooperation with the book author and "Republikflüchtling" (refugee from the Republic) Michael Meinicke and the pupils of the Königstein secondary school.

It is intended to encourage young and old to deal with the history of their own country and to reflect on their own experiences and memories. The GDR is neither glorified nor condemned.

Grandparents can use the exhibits to tell their grandchildren what the GDR era was like for them.

We look forward to your feedback.

As the exhibition cannot be visited as planned due to the current Corona restrictions, you have the opportunity to get a few impressions here.

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    Mamilein (Freitag, 27 November 2020 10:04)

    vielen Dank. Ich mag die Hymne sehr. Damals habe ich sie im Unterricht noch gelernt.

Exhibition "Between Loneliness and Hope"

Saturday, 27.6.2020 6 p.m.: Exhibition opening.

You can visit the exhibition during opening hours (Mon-Thu 9am-14pm).

The exhibition has been extended until 12 September 2020.

Photographs by the Russian artist Elena Pagel, who lives in Dresden.

Fotografie von Elena Pagel, zeigt einen Mann der auf der Straße auf einem Stuhl Sitzt und ein selfie von sich macht.

30 years since the fall of the Wall

an exhibition by and with Wolfgang Göschel.

Flyer 9.November 2019, 30 Jahre Mauerfall


Exhibition "Strömung" 01.09. - 29.09. 2019
Gabi Keil - painting + Nadja Göschel + Wolfgang Göschel (photos) + art children
Opening of the exhibition on Sunday, 01.09. 2019, 11 a.m.

Workshop 26, Pirnaer Straße 26, 01824 Königstein, Germany
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