The premises

The Werkstatt 26 is located on the ground floor at Pirnaer Straße 26, in the heart of Königstein, from here it is approx. 10 minutes to the S-Bahn and approx. 5 minutes to the bus stop (Reissiger Platz).


The entrance is at ground level and barrier-free, so that prams, wheelchairs or even a walker can be easily accessed.


The premises extend over 2 rooms, a main room (gallery) and a small vault. There is also a small kitchen and toilet.

floor plan of the whole ground floor
floor plan of the whole ground floor

Overnight accommodation

The 4 Lions Hostel is located diagonally across from the workshop 26.

For more information, see:



If you reserve about 5 months in advance, larger groups of up to 35 people can be accommodated without any problems, or the hostel can be rented exclusively (provided it is still completely available for the date).


See the 4lionshostel occupancy plan (link above).


füreinander – miteinander
zusammen für Königstein (Sachsen)


Koordination Werkstatt 26
Pirnaer Straße 26
01824 Königstein


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Co-Working Space


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