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Here we show you ideas and inspiration for you at home in the videos. Have fun taking a look!


Many thanks to all contributors and especially to Vivien, who edited the videos.

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This is how you can also spend the Corona time

With momentum and a good mood you can have fun even in Corona times. Here are some videos from Kulveer with cool moves.

Craft idea

Vivien introduces herself and her crawling group. It also shows you two ways in which you can easily make some exciting "toys" for your child (from 3 months) yourself.



Shell decoration


Peggy and her daughter show what you can make out of old glasses, string and beach finds such as shells, small stones, snail shells, etc.

You can also take a wine bottle and tape the string around the neck of the bottle. We put some Baltic sand in the bottle and very small mussels. We also glued a few shells on the outside of the string.


Bird bath,


built by Marlene herself.

Now the birds always have enough to drink in any case.



(no video just a picture)

Here you can watch a NABU instruction video for the aviary: CLICK.



Have fun imitation!





Tips and Tricks


Watch out! Here Jaron shows you how to solve the first side of a Rubik's Cube. First you have to arrange white petals around the yellow stone in the middle, when you have the flower, make a white cross and finally you have the white side. It's not that difficult - just give it a try!

Drehbuch von Jaron
Drehbuch von Jaron


How do you thread a thread into the sewing machine and how is the bobbin inserted with the bobbin thread.



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