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Together with committed people from Saxon Switzerland, the association operates the gallery and event rooms “Werkstatt 26” in Königstein / Saxon Switzerland with enough space for up to 60 people. If you would like to use the premises for your event or private celebrations, please do not hesitate to contact us!




In the Pirnaer Str. 26 in Koenigstein a gallery was operated in 2018 by three artists which quickly developed into a meeting and discussion space in Koenigstein.

The Werkstatt 26 is “a miracle for Königstein”, as one person from Königstein raves (quote, DNN, October 5th, 2018) Art suddenly changed the climate in Königstein, as someone realizes.

“Suddenly art - things are moving forward” (quote, DNN, October 5th, 2018). In the meantime, the association weltbewusst e.V. organizes children's art courses and workshops in the premises of Werkstatt 26 and, in the long term, would like to set up a socio-cultural meeting center or a multi-generation house in Königstein that invigorates Königstein, stimulates exchange and gives new impulses.




Children, families, adults and seniors should be brought together through music, art and culture.There is a children's art and children's book workshop, a sewing workshop (with the Königstein high school), a stage workshop and a repair center.

The works are exhibited in a shop window gallery in Werkstatt 26. Artists from Dresden and Berlin also use the gallery to present their works of art in regular exhibitions.



Since 2016, narrative cafés have been taking place in Königstein, to which the refugee families from the respective countries of origin cook typical dishes and invite all people from Königstein to eat and dance together.



The clothes exchange service “Kleiderstube” is open every Tuesday and offers clothes and utensils for a small donation.


Do you have "cupboard keepers" at home that you don't want to throw them away but don't need them anymore? Or would you like to contribute to environmental protection and avoid unnecessary consumption?

Then just drop by!



There are lots of ideas from people in Königstein that just want to “start off”.

Together with you we would like to realize those ideas and set up a meeting place in Königstein.


the team



Das Team

Juliane Dietrich

Community integration coordinator for Koenigstein and AG refugee assistance.

All course registrations run through her.


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Johannes Dietrich

 He runs the repair Meeting “Reparaturtreff” and the clothes exchange “Kleiderstube


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AG Flüchtlingshilfe und Weltbewusst e.v.

Networking everyone leads to success


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Nadja Göschel



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Peggy Hentschel

responsible for the website, flyer and the creative workshop


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Julia Gesell






Marlene Christoph

Refugee social worker for Diakonie Pirna for Königstein and the surrounding area. Supports in the conceptual and administrative area and provides impulses in terms of integration.


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many more helpers

Ludmilla Förster,

Yvonne Brix,

Marcos Vargas,

Petra Hering,

Vivien (Krabbelgruppe),

Niso Karakhonova,

Ankita Chohan,



Cooperation partner


Koordination Werkstatt 26
Pirnaer Straße 26
01824 Königstein


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